Survival Attitude

Survival skills are important, the will to survive is imperative.  A healthy attitude will give you the mental strength to endure.  Our greatest enemies in an emergency survival situation are fear and panic which cause stress, our reaction to pressure fueled by feelings about events.  Education and preparedness are the keys to building a healthy survival attitude.
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Ways to strengthen your survival attitude:
Know yourself honestly (doesn't mean you have to tell the world)
Adopt a positive outlook (picture yourself succeeding, and believe it!)
Learn stress management techniques. (Break seemingly insurmountable tasks into small steps then deal with those in turn.)
By practicing these simple steps you will soon find that your attitude can be trained to control how you view any situation in your life and obstacles will diminish.
Managing a survival situation:
Administer first aid (when necessary)
Inventory supplies and equipment
Develop a plan of action (keep it flexible) Note: Staying in one place is a plan of action.
Act as if you are a survivor (you have survived to this point) and you will find yourself recognizing ways to make that continue to happen.
A complete survival kit would give you a jump start in any survival situation allowing you a window of time to plan your next step and reduce fear . . . your worst enemy.

Hoping for the best while being prepared for the worst can make it easier to maintain a healthy survival attitude.
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A manner of feeling and thinking that dictate your actions in a survival situation
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