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Taut Line Hitch

The taut line hitch is an adjustable loop knot used when you want to keep tension on a line steady without drawing the eye tight around whatever you are tying to.  The loop can be adjusted to take up excess slack in the line.  The knot itself must be pulled very snug to make it work.

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Taut Line Hitch
How To Tie the Taut Line Hitch:
Loop around what you are tying to
Take a loose half hitch
Make another round turn tucking the bitter end through the same loop
Draw snug around the standing part
Finish with another half hitch on the standing part of the line below the first two loops.
This knot will not bind like a standard half hitch.  It can be used to handle any load as long as it is under tension.  If the tension loosens, like on a mooring where a boat would be in constant motion, the knot may slip and draw up tight around whatever you are lashed to.  As a guy line tensioner, such as a guy rope holding up your tent.  This knot should become one of your standards.
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