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Prusik Hitch

The Prusik Hitch (Prusik Knot), or variations of it, are handy in the woods and excellent for climbing - either up or down a rope.  This is a knot that is used by climbers and those who work in rescue operations.

Though I like the barrel or double fishermans knot for joining the two ends of the loop needed to make the Prusik Hitch, any knot that will join the two ends securely will do.
Basic terms used in our knot tying instructions explained here
How To Tie A Prusik Hitch:
Prusik Hitch
Simply wrap the loop around the standing part or body of the main rope.
Tuck it through itself.  If you were to draw it snug at this point it would look like a girth hitch or a cinch knot.
To complete the hitch, take another wrap and tuck it through the loop again and draw it up.
Make a third wrap if the lines you are using are wet or slippery.
With a little practice, this hitch can be tied with one hand while you are hanging on to something with the other.
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