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Butterfly Knot

When you want a static eye in the middle of a line, consider the butterfly knot.  It is commonly used by rock climbers, wranglers, and sailors.   This knot has the potential to bear weight in three directions.  A load can be put on either, or both, lines coming from the knot as well as the eye itself, however, it will bind under extreme loads.  Generally, it is easy to untie.
Basic terms used in our knot tying instructions explained here
Butterfly Knot
Lay the line across the palm of your hand approximately where you want the butterfly to be in the line.
Take 2 round turns around your hand. The size of your eye will depend on how loose you make the first round turn. The looser it is, the larger the eye.
The line will be crossing your palm 3 times at this point. Reach under the loop nearest your fingers and pull the second loop out forming a bight.
Tuck this bight under all the loops starting with the one nearest your wrist and pull it out towards your fingers.
Remove the hand and grasp the two lines coming into the knot.
Snug up the eye then separate and pull on the two lines below the knot.
How To Tie A Butterfly Knot
The butterfly knot is an easy alternative to a figure eight on a bight.  Once this knot is completed, the size of the eye will remain the same.
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